Michael Christmas drops a “March Madness 2-Song Special”

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Michael Christmas

Boston MC Michael Christmas dropped a “March Madness 2-Song Special” on his SoundCloud page Friday. “Video Game” and “Bubbles” are Christmas’ first new tracks since the release of his October 2015 What a Weird Day album. Christmas shows no rust on either track, unleashing his witty, rapid-fire bars on two sonically disparate beats.

“Video Game”, produced by the brilliantly-named Young Vagisil, is an abrasive lyrical exercise over a bouncy synth melody. On the song, Christmas pontificates on a big-assed Vanessa, having an erection in class, and a promise that his sister will “beat you up if you don’t like [his] raps.”

Produced by Swelly, “Bubbles” is a more subdued affair. Over a dreamy organ-synth fusion, Christmas ponders how childhood moments coloring with his cousins turned into the “irresponsible living and struggling” of adulthood. Both tracks are a prime exhibit of Christmas’ ability to create relatable, engrossing imagery with relatively few words. He doesn’t need an 8-bar buildup, he just smacks a listener with his inkling to “take a Uber cross-country.“

You can stream both tracks below.