Mako Sica go tribal in Wild Onion city

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While there's no need to remind us of “Misirlou”, as the first track on Mika Sico does a bit too convincingly, this Chicago band's moody psych impressions loll out like wind on the Great Plains through the 21-plus minute B-side, “Dunes”. We'll leave you with a middle piece of that puzzle:

Mako Sica, “Dunes” (excerpt)

La Société Expéditionnaire is responsible for the band's debut LP, which, much like the recent release by San Kazakgascar, goes out on a limb to recall a mystical spiritualism while relying largely on flawless guitar riffage. As the press release explains, “'Mako Sica' is a translation of what many Native American tribes called 'land bad.'” Also, Chicago is a Native American term for “wild onion,” not “deep dish pizza.”