Mac Lethal, “Exhibit Dead”

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mac lethal

In this 2DopeBoyz exclusive (we jackin' for bytes, yo) Mac Lethal puts the beat jackin' of Jay Electronica's “Exhibit C” to rest with an (…wait for it…) actual remix! Oh My God! '09, mother… Get live, mother…

Jay Electronica's “Exhibit C” is his crowning exhibition, living proof he is a legend in the making. I have listened to “Exhibit C” somewhere around 100 times, reaching that number quite rapidly by having a session in which I played it on my headphones for 20 minutes straight. Not since I was a wee youngin', dubbing songs off the radio onto cassettes, have I worn out the rewind button on my music system. I still have not deciphered the absolute message in Jay's bars where he goes off in Islamic tongue, but I know that he no doubt just went “Allah through [my] monitors.”

Mac Lethal sends out an important message with “Exhibit Dead” – we musn't make this song another “A Milli” fiasco. Since “Exhibit C” dropped rappers are coming out the woodwork dropping “remixes” that ain't worth a wooden penny because it's not a remix if you don't do shit to the production. These nonsense freestyle drops are the suckfish of the rap ocean.

Mac' “Exhibit Dead” starts out like the garden variety jack session, until he flips the beat to “Exhibit A” and English majors the fuck out for 14 bars. I'm a nerd for literary wordplay and have to post these lyrics:

“magna cum laude, never went to college shit / that held hostage by the Nazi Kurt Vonnegut / jest… infinite, hang yourself, Foster-Wallace shit / that so competent, Fyodor Dostoyevsky / Ayn Rand, so depressing, Fountainhead faucet drip / that Jeffrey Eugenides, Middle Sex, Virgin Suicides, any fucking topic shit / you spit that John Grisham, Dan Brown, Stephenie Meyer crap, close book, put hands down / you spit the rags and the tabloids / I spit American flags through an asteroid.”

Mac rounds out his exhibition of proper remix work with 808 bass thumps and the piano sample Premo flipped on “Dead Presidents.” Rappers take notes. Freestyling over someone else's hot song is no longer acceptable. Stop making Pat Boone covers.

Mac Lethal, “Exhibit Dead”