Milo, Busdriver, & Nocando, “Manchester”

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Hellfyre Club Dorner vs Tookie

Next month Nocando's LA-based imprint Hellfyre Club is dropping its latest, always cleverly titled, label compilation Dorner vs. Tookie. Featuring appearances by roster all-stars Milo, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Taurus Scott, Rhetoric Ramirez, and Nocando, Dorner vs. Tookie showcases a boutique label that collects the like-minded and the free-thinking into a unified front of art rap scholars.

The latest from the comp is “Manchester,” featuring Milo, Busdriver and Nocando over a Super production. Milo leads off with a “I don't give a fuck about you or your rapper friends” refrain, which is further cofirmed by Busdriver singing “I know you wanna tell me about your crew / and all the things you do / none of which I think are true”. It's a “we do us” track that has the Hellyfre trio turning a cold shoulder to the locker room banter. There's no buddy-buddy ways about it. These guys are not bitter, but they are also not mincing words about how they are treated within rap circles. Nocando proves he's the god of Hellfyre by employing a clever writing device that sneaks in a counting system of measuring his time on this planet. Here's a taste:

I've had one helluva life / I've got two sides to the brain / I've got three beautiful baby girls / and I've had four minutes of fame / if I had five mics in The Source way back in 1998 / I'd trade them all to give my wife the divorce she always wanted / yeah that'd be great

Dorner vs. Tookie is out November 5 on Hellfyre Club.