Febueder, “Alligator”

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soap carv

It's been a while since we'd heard the sound of an avant new band making blown out, offbeat songs with an unpredictable slant. In Febueder's debut track, “Alligator”, the hints of both Yeasayer and Panda Bear are alive, but with a flanged tinge of Alt-J vocals (for better or for worse), and a beat that takes samples of non-Western hits, they are crashing into the unpredictable tonality that only so many bands can feasibly pull off. There is also a displayed influence from Why? in the track, making its lyrical structure more relevant and grounded, and whether staying within a standard time allowance was by choice or by coincidence, it doesn't matter—the song is able to maintain pop prescience.

Febueder's Soap Carv will release on Tape Club Records on November 25.