Mister Suit, “Can't Be Found”

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Get to know Ann Arbor by Chicago's Garrett Jones, aka Mister Suit who decks himself out in a 3 piece bit of electro tinged pop with the premiere of “Can't Be Found”. Developing a sound evolved from previous Michigan demos, Garrett has been working with bandmate buddy Jonathan Visger to solidify the Mister Suit sound for an upcoming EP slated in time for Autumn.

On “Can't Be Found”, the guitar gets electric and fed into Jones' production deck to support the whirring appliance electronics. The strings serve as a kind of power generator to keep the drum machine pulsing and the keys singing in order to support the searching cut built around the following lyrics; “I was looking for you my lady, I was looking for you, but you weren't around”. More than just electrified indie pop, there are many existential elements at work here in this song. First combine the pains of being stood up for a date while pacing around the pavement and you have the impetus and rhythmic set up for “Can't Be Found”. Jones brings the raspy throated passion as repeats “you weren't around” in affectionate shouts like the worst-idea voicemail you never should have sent at 1:30am. For Mister Suit, the quest for fulfillment, love, the thrill of the chase and feeling of absence and emptiness all ensue by the catchiest means of composition. And despite all of our over-analyzing and thinking of the track; Garrett broke it down real quick for us with the utmost ease and illustration of simplicity.

“The track is really pretty self explanatory. You know, you're looking for somebody or something, and it ain't around. No where. It was an easy track to record in that it kind of just wrote itself.”

Mister Suit's upcoming EP will be available circa mid-Fall of 2013.