The Stargazer Lilies, “We are the Dreamers”

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Introducing Pennsylvania's The Stargazer Lilies, a group born out of the former Soundpool who present the sonic sleep statement of their album debut title track, “We are the Dreamers”. Made up of John Cep's commanding bass, guitars and production duties with fellow bassist and singer Kim Field; their star-staring sound is reinforced from the percussion team of EJ DeCoske and Johnny Lancia to cast ethereal prayers and shine a light on the sky's glittering ceiling. The bonding belief of the Lilies is built around the idea that the pop sound from the unconscious influenced terrains does not have to complicated or contrived, but can be an expression that sings out on terms that are both raw and devoid of the inflated excess of pretension. Like the beautiful and terse dialogues enjoyed and shared beneath a cosmic sky; those sparkling sincerities are preserved by being plugged in but without the over adorned pearls of pomp.

Kim's vocals are accompanied in the beginning with a minimalist strumming guitar that sets the star watching tone. The dimensions of dreams are taken from the internal and projected to the astronomical worlds where the clouds lie at the band's feet as the atmospheric foundations are reinforced by the distortion control. Where the tendency for any artist who employs the dreampop alluding 'gaze' tag is to pile on the effects to the utmost degree, Stargazer Lilies turn back the pages to a more rudimentary approach. The heavy heart of Field's galactic ode is joined by back up vocal sustains while Cep lets an electric guitar solo mirror the thoughts of conjoining the planets of earth and stars. Being that their upcoming debut album is curated by Tobacco (also of Black Moth Super Rainbow fame) who wrote us this on John and Kim's forthcoming star-dreaming full-length:

“I just really liked the music.”

Check out the trailer for their upcoming album We are the Dreamers where the driving sunrise/sunset visuals are presented as an awakened landscape pan courtesy of The Seven Fields of Aphelion.

The Stargazer Lilies' album debut We are the Dreamers, will be available September 10 from Graveface Records.