B.o.B., B.o.B. Vs. Bobby Ray

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A few years ago I saw Peter Rosenberg's “Who's Next” series at S.O.B.'s and saw B.o.B. before anyone on the blogosphere was talking about him. He absolutely killed, even winning over the anti-south NYers who were abundantly present that night. Now he is Grand Hustle's next big thing, has songs with some of the best rappers in the business and even has his own split personality. That's what this whole tape is about. Like T.I. had to battle with T.I.P., rapper B.o.B. has to fight for studio time with pop singer and guitarist Bobby Ray, resulting in a split mixtape with new material from both personalities.

Now, I might be biased, but I really could do without this Bobby Ray dude. I'm all for artist development and growth, and he's got the vocal chops, but B.o.B. doesn't even have an album out and already he's trying to branch out? But hey, these Bobby Ray songs could be what people really love about him. Only time will tell, right? In the meantime, download this mixtape and make up your own mind.

B.o.B.,”I Am The Man” Featuring OJ Da Juiceman & Bun B

Bobby Ray,”Camera”

Download the whole tape here.