Foot Village is being invaded

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The “no-electricity nation” of battered percussion, unadulterated shouting and unmitigated screech-harmonizing might be amplified more and more often (to broadcast their message to an ever larger massive), but it's still pretty raw. They've recently compiled a lot of their vinyl only releases into a second CD/MP3 batch called Fuck the Future 2 as a sort of period on the chapter of work that precedes their upcoming full length release Anti Magic on Upset the Rhythm in July.

If you're unfamiliar, think of Teeth Mountain without the precision or Aa with a chorus of post-pubescent infants wailing in unison but not necessarily in harmony, sometimes verbosely about imminent invasion of Foot Village. So buy it before they're flattened by post-apocalyptic radiation pigs.


Foot Village, “Where Ever the Fuck Arnold Schwarzenegger's From”

Foot Village, “World Fantasy” (Feat. Weirdo/Begeirdo)

Foot Village, “Egypt”