Mndsgn, “Deerghalabahati” (Zeroh Remix)


Mndsgn's conceptual beat tape breatharian was a funky beat monk's excursion outside the temple of Dilla, in which the LA producer armed himself with break samples – cut to precision – and let the loops and stems guide him to a greater salvation. At the elbow of the record is “Deergha”, a deep cut of heady percussion that burrows in, only to relinquish its strong grip and let a blissful soul sample blindside the listener. It's Mndsgn's indifference to blending and mastery of juxtaposition that injects breatharian with its life force, making it not just another LA beat tape.

On Tuesday his label Fresh Selects will release the Inedia EP, a companion piece to breatharian featuring remixes by Black Spade, Iman Omari, Zeroh, and Sonnymoon. Below is the debut of Zeroh's “Deergah” remix, which he has expanded into “Deerghalabahati”. Zeroh's remix features the LA rapper waxing his free association over the original, extending spiritual grace of Mndsgn's work with fractured mantras of a guru like “remember who you are / stress requires more feelings”. It's as though Zeroh is kindred to Mndsgn's production cues in juxtaposition, as his words are just as ambiguous and as the track progresses it only gets more warped, until he's no longer a vocalist, but an instrument.

Mndsgn's Inedia EP is out January 21 on Fresh Selects.

Inedia EP tracklisting:
01 Mndsgn, “Maintenance”
02 Mndsgn, “Just Air” (Black Spade Remix)
03 Mndsgn, “Deerghalabahati” (Zeroh Remix)
04 Mndsgn, “Starving” (Iman Omari Remix)
05 Mndsgn, “Adjustmnts” (Sonnymoon Remix)