Mogli ft. Ebinum Brothers – “Animal” (acoustic version)

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

German singer-songwriter shares cinematic video for acoustic single rendition

Mogli, the accomplished German singer-songwriter, has shared a mesmerizing performance video for her acoustic version of “Animal” from her recent EP. The video showcases the unique approach of the artist and features the dancing skills of the Ebinum Brothers, who have recently toured with Kendrick Lamar and performed at Glastonbury Festival, establishing themselves as two of the most exciting performance artists in the world. The brothers’ movements are hypnotizing, capturing the spirit of Mogli’s stripped-back version of the song. The video is set against a heavenly sunset and perfectly bleached sands, adding to the visual appeal of the video.

The Ebinum Brothers explained that working on the song was exciting and an easy process as they connected well with Mogli. Mogli herself states that she is a fan of this version of “Animals” as it keeps the drive of the original electronic version but rendered through acoustic instruments.

Mogli had an astronomical year in 2022. She released a flurry of well-received singles and dropped RAVAGE – her first album since 2017 – a video project and dystopian film which she directed, starred in and scored herself. The release was redefining and garnered her much attention throughout the music community. Mogli is an artist worth discovering. You can jump into “Animal” below: