Monster Rally & RUMTUM, “Chicks”

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Monster Rally & RUMTUM, Coasting EP

We’ve all fantasized about strapping some over-sized behemoth of a Blues Brothers loudspeaker to the roofs of our cars. Blasting what we think everyone needs to hear at that very moment. Trumpeting taste. Blaring confidence. Thumping unabashed indulgence. Forcing everyone to shut up and listen up because this track, right here. Yeah, this one. Deserves not only your attention, but the uninhibited locomotion of the populace.

Such a track is rare, for sure. Not to say that we shouldn’t expect such propulsion from ex-Columbite producers Monster Rally (now located out of L.A.) and RUMTUM (now located out of Seattle) . But to this degree? Now this article, “Chicks” is something we haven’t experienced from either of the two — even when they worked together on last year’s MR & RT EP.

Well-curated samples of juke, funk, break, and Peruvian cumbia flex and flourish on the peak of the second edition of the two’s EP beat-mance, Coasting. John Hastings lays up his hyphy electro panning for the raider of forgotten genre, Ted Feighan, to lace into this mesmerizing, limbo-swing neck breaker. No judgement from those with one hand at 12 on the steering wheel. That action is Impose-approved. But, for those not in the cockpit of a suburban sedan: Be good aural stewards and put on those headphones. You’re not going to want to miss what I’ve been waiting to blast from the roof of a ‘95 Toyota Corolla DX.

A limited pressing with alien etchings on obsidian of the Coasting EP is available December 4 via Gold Robot Records. Stream it for free here.