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Monster Rally, Sunflower EP

Monster Rally is the project of Los Angeles producer Ted Feighan. His new EP, Sunflower, is a conceptual blender of samples: audio travel guides, instructional records, and found sounds. The album begins with an instructional storyline: “We're now walking through the busy streets of Tokyo… sampling the familiar and unfamilar delights of Japan.” These words are immersive, and we are immediately plunged into a funky, exotic locale.

Inspired by a trip to Japan, Monster Rally recreates a blissful atmosphere that somehow evokes nostalgia of a foregin land. Tracks “Hazy Palava” and “Ikebana Garden” tell the story of a young girl training to be a geisha. While we hear nothing from the girl, we can imagine her dancing to the hypnotic sound of the Japanese Shamisen. The title track, “Sunflower,” is a chill tune that could soundtrack a romp through the jungle or a day lounging in the sun. Our mysterious narrator's final words, “Tomorrow, there will be new delights to discover, in this adventure that is Japan,” inspire the desire for an immediate vacation.

Sunflower is out on Gold Robot Records.

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