Monster Treasure, “Wasting”

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Monster Treasure

Monster Treasure broke through when Stockton became a force too big to be ignored. Formally bonded by the esteemed “YUNG STKTN” collective who have made a local DIY home base/venue at D. Thrift‘s secondhand goods and consignment, Monster Treasure prepares to release their first debut full-length in late July off the new Brooklyn imprint, Harlot. Stock-piling catchy cuts on their Bandcamp, spinning us new tunes like “Wake Up“, and “Over“, and having recently co-curated a recent Week in Pop feature; we are proud to premiere the scuzz burner of scorched earth, “Wasting”.

Briana, Rachel, and RJ forge their own brand of melodic pop through loud guitar walls of flames ignited and intoxicated by accelerants of distortion. Instructions, commands, demands, and descriptions are sung or shouted according to what part of heaven or hell Monster Treasure chooses to route the experience. “Wasting” wafts the guitars of destruction smashes delusions, while delirious vocal deliveries bathed in sun kissed beams of light offer the droning lyrical slam of, “eyes, so full of light, we’re fine, someone will come to cut you down.” The combined effect kick up dirt, gravel, dust, and fun, in what is bound to become a staple song for all future skate video soundtracks grinding from Sacramento, Stockton, to the Bay. Monster Treasure gears their garage sound with a thrift shop heart, all the while wielding a sonic menace that will waste anything and all in it’s path.

Monster Treasure’s self-titled will be available in late July from Harlot, with 100 pressings on coke-bottle green with multicolored glitter vinyl available via pre-order. Briana caught up to talk to us about their new album, fresh off their recent tour.

How was the tour?

Tour was super fun, and exhausting… even though we were only gone about a week!

Favorite moments?

I will list these because there were a lot:

1. A medical supplies sales rep. approached Rachel and I after watching us purchase a Hall & Oates cassette from a very neat vending machine at The Know in Portland (there were also condoms, rolling papers and a 45 of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”). The guy ended up showing us photos of him and his co-worked dressed as Hall & Oates and then he bought us drinks.

2. Six am, Seattle, Washington, Capitol Hill: A man freestyles at a brick wall for literally FIVE MINUTES straight. Favorite line: GOT THE COOTIES DON’T CARE. We have named him Silly Willy.

3. We had weed delivered to us by a guy who’s alias was “Porpoise.”

4. I pushed a metal guy at our show in Victoria, during Hag Face (so good) and he ricocheted off of some other dudes and flew over the monitors, into the band and lay there for about three minutes. I thought I killed him, it was tight.

5. Making the ferry to Victoria at the LAST FUCKING MINUTE.

Weirdest moments?

What was weird was that no matter how much we sabotaged ourselves time-wise we always made it to our shows. There was one incident where we almost missed our ferry to Victoria, we were the last car on the boat! it’s those damn nice Canadians.

Least favorite moments?

Least favorite moment was when we realized how expensive ferry rides are… AND beer. We bought a 12pk of Old Milwaukee for almost $30, Canadian [currency] but still.

LEAST, least favorite moment was the last night before we came home. We stayed at Rachel’s uncles house and we were super exhausted, it was super late. Rachel and I claimed a bed and we were about to jump in it and pass the fuck out when the biggest fucking spider we have ever seen crawls out of it and up the wall. I have arachnophobia like a mother fucker so I started to freak out and eventually there were tears and eventually I slept in the car. Seriously, this spider was unlike any spider I have ever seen. I could have been hallucinating.

“Wasting” is a real, well, monster, that destroys everything it’s path. Then there’s that whole accusatory ‘liar’ part of it. What sort of deception games gave rise to this massive, mammoth of garage collapse-r?

“Wasting” is a weird song.. It starts off being about feeling guilty for being idle at any point in your life. Like, I shouldn’t be sitting here watching “Law & Order SVU” for hours on end getting stoned and writing songs, I know. ‘Wasting away all my day, is that okay?’ Then the song changes and I continue to talk about being stoned and insisting that we’re still good people and basically to check yourself before you wreck yourself because someone will come to cut you down, whether it’s out of your cloud or off your horse… namsayin’. It’s not about being angry, it’s not about punching your ex in the face. I think I was feeling a little betrayed at the time but we wont go into that.

Reflections on recording your first proper album?

We’re fucking excited for people to hear it.

Best recent times at D. Thrift?

D. Thrift is always an okay time. A dude tried to sell me a 4 pack for underwear after our last show there.

Other bands that no one knows about yet that we’re not yet familiar with that you all adore?

We love Tough Age. Hopefully people already know that they rule. They are the best people too.

And oh, man. The best band I saw on tour was Hag Face. Hag Face. They are amazing. They are Canadian. They inspired me.