Sohni Chambers is Sun Araw with gamelan improvisions

Derek Evers

Sohni Chambers, <i>Yaw-Mah-Ha</i>

Sohni Chambers, Yaw-Mah-Ha

Sun Araw has a side project that might've been overshadowed by his hectic schedule.

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As Cameron Stallones gears up for two months of touring Australia, New Zealand and Europe, along with releasing an Australian exclusive c20, Major Grotto, a Woodsist vinyl EP, Off Duty, and announcing the pre-order for his Beach Head project, remastered and soon available on 180-gram vinyl – all under the Sun Araw moniker – we couldn't blame him for forgetting to tag his new side project when e-mailing us everything he's got going on.

Live Sun Araw collaborator and the man behind Queen Victoria, Nick Malkin and Cameron have a project called Sohni Chambers. To quote Cameron, “This is temple music for
temple people: live organ and drum improvisations with serious gamelan
envy. Our first tape, Sohni Chambers presents: Yaw-Mah-Ha is now
available from the venerable Goaty Tapes.”

The Sohni jam below is called “2:47pm” as all of the titles from Yaw-Mah-Ha are the time of each recording. Everything Sun Araw is up to, including tour dates and new records can be found at his website.

Sohni Chambers, “2:47pm”

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