USF's new music and stolen gear

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Life was downright peachy for the Seattle-based electronic duo USF.

In addition to a forthcoming EP that includes a “10 minute cosmic voyage,” the band recently completed an LP entitled The Spray, which is thematically linked to a short story of the same name. A West Coast tour with Back to the Future the Ride would hopefully precede dates on the East Coast, and USF (aka Universal Studios Florida) would continue to spread their atmospheric, neck-pecking blip pop across this great nation.

Then last Thursday most of their gear was stolen.

While this is certainly shitty for USF (and for the folks who were supposed to catch their show that night), the band has turned it into an opportunity of sorts for those seeking a taste of The Spray, by releasing a two-song package from the album for purchase on their Bandcamp site. All proceeds will be used to replace their equipment so they can hit the road as scheduled. They've also passed along the B-side to their EP, “Branss,” for our listening pleasure.

Readers in the Seattle/King County area: keep your eyes peeled for thieves that seem overly proficient in producing gently cresting backbeats and swells of harmonic echoes.

USF, “Branss”