MPHO, “All For You”

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A three-way marriage of drum machines, synths and a rock rhythm section is almost guaranteed to produce an exhilarating result. Introduce hushed angelic vocals cooing caressing melodies, and you have a recipe for both infectious and effectual songwriting. MPHO, the new project featuring Mark Perro (of The Men and Dream Police), Holly Overton, and Russell Hymowitz (Dream Police), just dropped their second EP, entitled T.I.G.H.T., and it’s a luscious continuation of a retrospective dancehall sound that forces your hips to move, and simultaneously causes heartache. Perro and Hymowitz released Dream Police’s LP, Hypnotized, last year, with Nick Chiericozzi (also of The Men), and Overton making an appearance on the closing track, “Sandy”. Now, the three good friends of MPHO, it seems, are further delving into the beat-heavy rock sound, and introducing influences of funk and disco and irresistible dance sensibilities.

Their track, “All For You”, is a rushing current of piercing synthesizer flourishes and clever guitar work, over an incessant dance rhythm. Overton’s voice stands alone in quiet and beautiful confidence amidst the clap of percussion and swirls of synth, lullabying, “You push and you shove me, you say you love me / How can I get it through, I only want you.” The song fades like some scene from a high school dance, or a dream of one, where everyone is gone, except the protagonist, left to sway among the disco ball’s twirling lights, dancing for the attention of someone who isn’t there.