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inducing panic ep

When Mr. Dibbs isn't touring as DJ for Atmosphere or El-p, he's cutting up metal over sucker punch breaks and prank calling the shit out of people.

In preparation for Dead World, his new LP on Mega Royal Records, Dibbs is giving away the Inducing Panic EP. The EP is similar to Dibbs' Random mixtape series,mixing Dibbs' live scratch work and drum machine concoctions with his prank phone calls – it's a Jerky Boys record meets an Anthrax record meets the Juice motion picture soundtrack. The new blends are classic Dibbs work, while the EP also includes actual classic Dibbs work like his “War Pigs Routine.”

Download the Inducing Panic EP here.

Dead World is out June 1 on Mega Royal Records.

Mr. Dibbs, “Dead On Deck” (Mr. Dibbs vs. Killa Jewelz)