Mrs. Magician, Prescription Vision 7″

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mrs magician

San Diego alt-rockers Mrs. Magician are embarking on their third 7″ with “Prescription Vision / I Know What Girls Like”. And no, the B-side is not a gender re-assigned cover of The Waitresses' new wave smash “I Know What Boys Like”. Although maybe it's not too much of a stretch to consider the song a remodeling of the criteria for impressing the opposite sex or simply call it a less conceited take on The Waitresses' suspicions.

Mrs. Magician's “I Know What Girls Like” is about an unwillingness to take the low road to a girl's heart, and no we are not talking about “that”. They are talking about the “never committ and treat you like shit and you'll never leave my sight” route to sweeping her off her feet.

Mrs. Magician's Prescription Vision 7″ is out November 11 on Grizzly Records.

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