MSTRKRFT explore new style

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MSTRKRFT debuted its new single “Beards Again,” by introducing the dance world to the “progtech” experience. Looks as though the Canadian dance duo is out for some of that Trans-Siberian Orchestra loot. I can't say I blame them. You don't just go to a T-SO performance to rock, you go for the complete rock 'n roll experience all for the cool cost $78 for some respectable nosebleeds – purchase of binoculars not included.

It's a natural progression for a band interested in the trendy pursuit of timelessness. When Jesse F. Keeler told that Fist of God was polarizing, by stating “we didn’t want to make a record that was too ‘now’. We could have got a
lot of the rappers – like The Cool Kids, Spank Rock and Kid Sister – but
we tried to choose things and people that were more timeless” Few artists will be as revered in the history books as collaborated N.O.R.E. and Lil' Mo. Before Fist of God, MSTRKRFT were just a couple of dudes covering Daft Punk's “Robot Rock,” now Daft Punk have reveled in its most timeless venture of its storied career by collaborating with Disney. The final frontier of timelessness is the tireless touring schedule of T-SO with added dates for holiday specials.

Here's hoping MSTRKRFT earn sponsorship from all the finest hair spray and shaving gel companies in the world and never have to suffer the doldrums of looking heterosexual again. Also, may they always steer clear of the pyrotechnics and have a safe tour filled with elaborate rider demands.

Download MSTRKRFT's “Beards Again” here.