Murals, “Long Bridge”

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The Murals

A little while ago, Louisville’s Murals released the single, “Violet City Lantern” from their then-unannounced record of the same name, due out early 2016. Well, the record has been announced, alongside a second single, titled “Long Bridge”. Caressing guitar trickles in through cracks in the ceiling and an ensuing phantasmagoria of deep, choir-like vocal harmonies and light flanging create a calming trip of a fogged night imposing itself on the brain. Psychedelics are sparse, altering the tone in sparse flashes, either to remind us that not everything is as steadily sane as we might think, or that there is indeed always a reality to which we must return. The rhythm pulsates in eased breaths, while a lead plays off the seemingly simplistic dance of chords—given the band is a trio, the image of some four-armed Shiva wielding a dual-necked guitar comes to mind, or you at least know some very efficient looping is at hand. “Long Bridge” eases us into the warm bath of the New Year, foreshadowing what the rest of Violet City Lantern may have in store.

Violet City Lantern is out February 19 on Fire Talk Records. You can stream “Long Bridge” below.