My Education, “Thanksgiving”

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My Education

Everyone should have an instrumental post-rock phase. Typically it will happen in college. Typically it will be Explosions In The Sky or Godspeed! You Black Emperor, depending on whether you possess a preference for the dreamy and astral or the dramatic and moody. But do not deny yourself an instrumental post-rock phase. If anything, make it your one cultural venture into orchestral territory.

For many in the early Aughts, it was Texas band My Education who's discography spans the height of the instrumental post-rock era and beyond. My Education's 5 Popes record is a staple in the genre, one that due to the dark ages of CD pressing was never released on vinyl. The request has lingered with fans for over a decade and next month Beat Imprint will answer the call with a reissue that includes remastering and bonus track, “Thanksgiving”.

Originally left off 5 Popes, “Thanksgiving” is a somber drift through sedative piano stabs and the wash of reverb. There is no rush to My Education on “Thanksgiving” as the group enter bridges that encourage the listener to pursue an inner peace within the composition. It cannot remain this way though. Like all good post-rock, there's also the experimental tradition in which the band disarms the listener so that it may shatter their catharsis with a magnificent crescendo. And that's why people cry at My Education shows.

My Education's 5 Popes is out February 4 on Beat Imprint.