New PC Worship, “Tides”

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PC Worship, <i>Dread Head</i> EP

I think I'd probably post a new song by PC Worship on this website every week if they had that many. Fuckin' saxamaphones, man.

Get dark: this lead off track from their new EP Dread Head is called “Tides” and it's the tour-only tsunami that starts the apocalypse.

PC Worship, “Tides”

The 12-inch is out in an edition of 150 from Kreephaus.

Dread Head track list:
01 Tides
02 Bad Jeans
03 Satans Ashes
04 Don't Drag Me Down
05 Staring at the Sun (Live)

If you're a west coast person, you should really see one of these shows:

02 Stork Club Oakland
03 Early SF Hemlock Tavern
03 Late House Show Mission District (3150 18th St)
04 Davis, Ca Chillanova House
07 Valencia CALARTS
08 LA Landslide
11 Tijuana, MX After10 Cultural Center
14 Mexicali, MX Monaco Beer Club
15 San Diego Tin Can Alehouse