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Beleif Sum The Lone Wolf

The west coast gets some southern comfort

Last October we implored you to download Belief's Girl Talk/J.Dilla hybrid beatmix. Stop sleeping! Belief is back with southern rapper Sum. Together they are The Lone Wolf. Together they are bluesy, soulful and ill as fuck. Sum's sleepy southern drawl sounds at home over Belief's production like he's telling his tales from the front porch rocking chair. That description might have been contrived, but the backwoods soul of this album is far from it.

The Lone Wolf, “Rivers”


Lone Wolf track list
01 Intro
02 Puddinhead
03 Rivers
04 Breakfast On The Moon
05 35 Cents
06 Kakalak All-Stars
07 Next September
08 The Lone Wolf
09 Sweet Potato Pie

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