No Joy, hot shit

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Let us be one more piece of kindling for the No Joy fire. And now for some passably blustery hype-mongering.

There are only two tracks up on their two band websites, and that's all they really need. They should probably just keep it that way since right now they are a very symmetrical duo.

Along with being from two cities (Montreal, L.A.), their two songs are monosyllabically titled a) “No” followed by the most hot shit of seasons (“Summer”) and b) their band name, which is always a good idea, just ask Coasting. To add to their symmetry, they are blog famous after Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast called them “two hot blonde girls just shredding away” at 3:21 AM yesterday on her Twitter. She also called them “the best band ever.” We will note here that the band's Myspace photos showed only one hot blonde, backed by a man with a beard playing drums. We will also request that the court strike that observation from your memory when listening to these tracks, so that you can better contemplate “two hot blonde girls just shredding away.”

On the surface (under it, too) No Joy are fingering that Faith Healers-via-Sonic Youth guitar haze that seems only to grow in power the more its tapped and trodden over and fucked with by means of feedback and reverb. We obviously dig.

No Joy, “No Summer”

No Joy, “No Joy”

Via Get Off the Coast via GVB via that Best Coast tweet.