Nocando + Busdriver = Flash Bang Grenada

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flash bang grenada

Nocando and Busdriver traded off guest appearances on their respective solo albums (“Least Favorite Rapper” from Jhelli Beam and “Two Track Mind” from Jimmy The Lock), so it felt like only a matter of time before the Blowedian graduates would take their relationship to the next level – forming a group. Murmers of a group have escalated into official announcements with Flash Bang Grenada debuting “Beat My Bitch” and “I Can Teleport” from their record entitled 10 Haters.

Flash Bang Grenada kidnaps the Airliners' favorite Wednesday night theorists with production handled by Dibia$e, Mono/poly, Mexicans WIth Guns, E. Super, Nosaj Thing and Free The Robots. With a fine collection of IDM beat music mutated into rappable beats, FDB are in a heated competition to outweird one another with hyperbolic claims of teleportation and good ole' fashioned misogyny with a rapper slant.

Flash Bang Grenada, “I Can Teleport”

Flash Bang Grenada's 10 Haters is out August 23 on Hellfyre Club.