Norin, “Bakom Planteringen”

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Upon a first listen of Norin, the new solo project from Hannes Norrvide, one might expect a similarly beat-heavy romantic sadness, or the infectiously lush synth hooks of the Swedish trio Lust for Youth (which he also fronts), only to find it a much more ominous experience. “Bakrom Planteringen”, the title track from his debut album on Posh Isolation, leaves hints of prior association with that from where Norin stems, in its steady beat and moody use of synths, but it takes any uncertainty or anxiety one might find in LFY, and blows it up to monumental proportions. Thumping, unchanging drumming and hi-hat ticks act like a time bomb, amid a spacy siren effect, distant, and curious, as though a crime scene being approached on the emptiest streets, on the foggiest night. The drum mix loops so that you don’t know where it ends, or where it began, adding to the nervous disorientation. Electronics seep in like blood through the walls, and, if it wasn’t unnerving enough, sounds of distant, garbled voices enter, shouting at first and hushed after. If a Lust for Youth show ended, and there was a murder somewhere close-by after, you might hear Norin at the scene.

Bakom Planteringen will be available in December. You can stream the title-track below.