Notelle – “Alive”

Kaya Haskins

Nashville industrial pop musician unleashes slashing new single

Nashville industrial pop songstress Notelle has been on our radar ever since releasing her darkly hypnotic single “Come For Me” earlier this year. Her sound is a thrilling mix of IDM beats, alt-rock bombast and noisy darkwave synths underscoring haunting lyrical themes. Now she continues her boundary-pushing sonic journey with her slashing and noisy new single “Alive.”

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With “Alive,” piercing digital percussion and swelling synth warbles open the floodgates for Notelle’s smoky vocals. The track rides an avalanche of chainsaw-like guitar riffs, constantly snowballing with each passing second. Eventually, it explodes to stratospheric heights with a swirling, kaleidoscopic industrial-noise breakdown – the song’s cathartic climax. Her dark sound palette and searing lyrics highlight her journey through a toxic relationship that she says pushed her “to an emotional breaking point that was totally new.”

“There’s a point in hysteria where you begin to feel electrified. When you love someone who is pushing you to the brink of insanity, it has a way of making you feel more than you’ve ever felt prior. You experience every emotion, all at once, in such an alarming way,” Notelle shared. “I wanted to explore that in this track.”

Get lost in the shadows of “Alive” below:

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