Nots, “Virgin Mary”

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A lot might come to mind with a title as loaded in meaning as “Virgin Mary,” but Memphis garage weirdos Nots want to make sure the traditional themes of peace and sanctity are not among those affiliated with said title of their new single and 7-inch, the first release since their debut LP, We are Nots. A spiraling, fuzz-laden bassline plays out for nearly a minute and a half, hinting at an uneasy instrumental track, until the meditation is shattered by frontlady Natalie Hoffman’s piercing vocals. Small clashes of quivering guitar delay eventually erupt in full, completing the unholy alternate reality with a melting, poetic apocalypse. The track ends as a blank canvas, the entire commotion stripped of its imagery, as a final synth flutters out in the distance.

The “Virgin Mary” 7-inch is coming soon via Goner Records.