NYC's bodega men tell all

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New York City bodega guys are wise to your lottery ticket numbers, what you look like with hangover face, how often you buy condoms, need E-cigarette cartridges, eat gross sandwiches, and drink Four Lokos. They basically know everything; especially how pathetic you can be sometimes. But they’re still cool with you. (As long as you’re not some fucking freak.) This week we sought music recommendations from the wise men themselves.

Cousins Deli in Astoria, Queens

Name: Leo
From: New York
Suggests: Antony Santos, “Muchos Cambios En El Mundo”
Why: “It's dancey. When you listen to Bachata you can feel the spirit of dance.”

Don Juan Grocery in Lower East Side, Manhattan

Name: Junior
From: Dominican Republic
Suggests: Romeo Santo, “Promise”
Why: “It’s about the promise of love and romance.”

N&N Delancey Smoke Shop in Lower East Side, Manhattan

Jay and Khalil

Name: Jay
From: Bangladesh
Suggests: Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif, “Mashalla”
Why: “She [Katrina]'s the Shakira of India.”

Nourish Deli in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Name: Journey
From: Puerto Rico
Suggests: Arcangel, “Me Prefieres A Mi”
Why: “I love reggaeton. Reminds me of home.”

Queens Plaza Mini Mart in Long Island City, Queens

Name: Imran
From: India
Suggests: Chammak Challo, “Ra One”
Why: “The movie it comes from is really good.”