Oddisee's award tour

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Diamond District producer Oddisee has seen the world. He went each and every place with production tools in the van. Chicago. San Francisco. Khartoum – wait, where?

Oddisee is releasing a 24-track instrumental album entitled Traveling Man. Each song is named after the city in which it was conceived. A quick word to Oddisee, people in San Francisco hate when you call it “San Fran” or “Frisco,” just a heads up. I imagine all will be forgiven once they hear the song though. The beat to “San Fran” is for the runaways that seek refuge in the Bay. The breezy soul orchestra sample backs the vocals “he had a hold on you / he was your puppeteer / you did everything he wanted to do / you're on your own / that's how it goes / the curtain is closed.” “San Fran” is a new life discovered as you come down over those East Bay mountains and into the City.

Oddisee captures the essence of each city, making each song a sonic postcard. “Chicago” is in the streets, walking beneath the transit. “Khartoum,” which I just learned is in Sudan, sounds like a walk through a bazaar. The sampling of Indian horns and basslines that walk to the city beat is expected in Oddisee's journey. I'm intrigued to hear his impressions of Lagos, Brixton and Stockholm.

Traveling Man is available now digitally on Mello Music Group. Limited edition vinyl will be released February 23.

Oddisee, “Chicago”

Oddisee, “Khartoum”

Oddisee, “San Fran”