Otis Clapp, "Demons to Diamonds"

Post Author: Andre G

Ashy to classy. Nothin’ to Something. After 4 years of honing his craft, Queens MC/producer Otis Clapp is on a mission to add to the upward mobility lexicon with “Demons to Diamonds,” the first single from his forthcoming Helen Keller EP. Clapp, who has executive produced three albums for Kemba when he was known as YC the Cynic, weaves a guts and glory narrative on the rock-influenced soundscape—which was produced by 20th letter.
Mad cause I’m cussin’ on stage?! At least they feelin’ somethin’ on stage,” he rhymes, in a meta critique of subpar performers. Clapp delivers aggressive, reflective bars about his journey to “solidify greatness,” and staying so true to his craft that he grew a devoted fanbase before he even reached expectations.

Clapp has said that, “‘Demons into Diamonds’ is about turning my negatives into positives. Turning short comings into advantages. Conquering the things that used to hold me back. Because in reality, it was, and still is, all mental. It’s also a testament to my growth as a man while paying homage to the hardships from which I came from.”
Clapp will be releasing the seven tracks from Helen Keller one at a time, with the next due on March 7th. You can stream “Demons into Diamonds” below.