Rugby Wild, "Topanga"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp
New Jersey emcee Rugby Wild wants to keep it mellow in his new single “Topanga.” “Topanga” is Rugby Wild’s first stand alone track from his upcoming summertime full length, Millennials, which the artist labels as an album about growing up. “Topanga” is a track that is in many ways about all of the nuances of getting older. The  track features an incredibly chill hook that brings out disco guitars and synth that brings to mind video game soundtracks and ’80s new wave.
In “Topanga”, Wild lets us know that: “without a car/you could drive like a spaceship” and talks about crashing basement parties and getting food from the drive in. It’s a song that acts as a reflection of Wild’s past and the way he feels as he enters the future, playing both with very contemporary elements of rap, combined with nostalgic sampling and pointed lyrics. Wild’s track fittingly shares the name of a part of Los Angeles: the track feels effortlessly cool and perfectly sunny.

The artwork was created by Seymon Oggiano (Graphic Designer) and Michael Scott Slosar (Photographer). Keep up with Rugby Wild via Instagram, Twitter, and