Part Time's “Davida Loca” mix

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Part Time

David Speck of Part Time titled his curated mix “Davida Loca”, apropos of the zany excursion it winds through. As Part Time, Speck's writing himself into the same brilliantly inveritable nook where Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore sip cups of tea on the ceiling. His mix points to the notion that, like some of his contemporaries in the realm of whimsical pop, the source is and forever will be an incomparable record collection.

Speck chose Gary Numan's favorite guitar player, Bill Nelson, as the first record, rather than Gary. He's got the soft disco of Bob Chance's “Honey Lips” followed by a street-fighting anthem I can't place, but just became #1 with a bullet in labeling and someday acquiring. Listen to enough of obscure new wave and I imagine tracks like “Night Drive” and “Staring At A Gun”, both from the recently released PDA, pour out like spilled Kool Aid. As Bill Nelson makes a second appearance with “Flaming Desire”, letting a terror of a keytar solo rip, those curious touchtones in Part Time's record start to come into focus.

Part Time, “Davida Loca Friday Night Mix”

Part Time's PDA is out now on Mexican Summer.