PC Worship set to release LP, premiere two videos

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PC worship Video Still

Just got word that Brooklyn's PC Worship is finally releasing Toxic Love, which actually is the EP formerly called Southern Withdrawal, which we wrote about back here. According to Justin Frye, singer/guitarist/spokesdude, the EP was pressed at the wrong speed, and was never actually released. On the re-up they decided to change it around a bit and make it into an LP. Those wrong-speeded copies might make good Christmas presents for the family…

Along with the track we received, we also got links to two Vimeos of gritty VHS music videos for the songs “Southern Withdrawal”, from PC Worship's split with Super Vacations on SHDWPLY, and “Staring at the Sun”, from their Night People tape. The videos are both of the “let's film our weird and crazy friends hanging out” variety, a vaunted tradition. “Southern Withdrawal” was filmed at Le Wallet, where Frye and other musicians reside, which is starting to have shows now-and-again. I went to a really bonkers one on Saturday where a contortionist performed and Jordan Bernstein of the Dreebs (a frequent PC Worship contributor) was crowd surfed in an “I'm flying!” pose for five solid minutes during a Hair Jail/Guardian Alien jam set (Hardian Jailien). It was nuts. Anyways, the other video was taken on July 3rd on the Rockaway Beach boardwalk. Both videos have nice SHAMS cameos.

Videos and tracks below. The record will be released at a show on December 7th at Union Pool with the K-Holes.

PC Worship “Staring At the Sun” from Kreephaus on Vimeo.

PC Worship “Southern Withdrawal” from Kreephaus on Vimeo.