Peppermint Heaven, "You(Oscuro Remix)"


Strong set of releases from the indie-pop duo from Chicago, Peppermint Heaven continue straight into 2018. The band remain consistent with their run of incredible remix EP’s with the latest project featuring Cambridge producer Oscuro and the sibling duo from Leeds, Revaux. The latest project comes off the back of their sophomore album ‘Curious Things‘ and the tracks are taken on a sonic course adding another dimension to their sound. Peppermint Heaven are forever looking to build and diversify their sounds and for this project they have looked across the pond to the U.K. to uncover some of the strongest new blood to work on their remix EP.
For this single we have Cambridge producer Oscuro. The U.K. producer first made waves after being the winner of the Beatport Play Contest to remix Tears for Fears’ ‘Play Shelter’. His effort trumped the competition and was awarded its own release on Universal. Success and recognition from the competition lead to a full album release and tracks off the record gained acclaim from BBC IntroducingSpotify Fresh Finds (and other playlists)The Line Of Best FitDiscobelleEarmilkAudiomack and many more. It’s not come as a surprise that comparisons have been used sparingly with Bonobo. Oscuro’s production style perfectly blends forward thinking synthesis with tastefully arranged organic percussion elements.
The sounds of Peppermint Heaven and Oscuro form together to create an ethereal, moody downtempo sound with plentiful amounts of percussion and a gorgeous harmony arrangement. ‘You’ is a wonderful piece that will reside well in fans playlists who enjoy Pedestrian, Maribou State and Four Tet. Listen below.