The Front Doors, "Work It Out More"

Post Author: JP Basileo

The march of progress is a thing we’re seeing challenged and obstructed all too much these days. For 2018, we shouldn’t be having the conversations we’re having, should we? NYC/LI rocknrollhotboys The Front Doors don’t seem to think so in their new single, “Work It Out More,” premiering here. And, quite frankly, they’re right. They put it mildly, simply, and effectively, that all it takes to move ahead, as a self, as a people, is a little working out. A driving rhythm, led by Billy Hargrove’s steadfast drumming, bolsters a perfect balance of pop and rock in guitar and bass. It’s the gentlest of wake-up calls – a smack in the face with a giant foam finger, a candy-coated cure-all pill. Singer Mike LoSchiavo notes that walking backwards leads to “banging into street signs and lamp posts.” He wants to turn it around, and shouldn’t we all? Beautifully executed harmonies, uttered from Steve Joyce on bass, flutter in and out of the “working out mores.” And hopefully we walk away from this short-lived banger with the not short-lived effect of bettering ourselves and our world. Let’s crack our coconuts. Pls.
The Front Doors play Brooklyn’s Lantern Hall TOMORROW with These People and Nublado (first show!).