Personal & The Pizzas are bored

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It takes so much for me to hold back from saying that Personal & the Pizzas are the perfect band for a guy like me. Ultimately I know that the only reason I'd make a silly statement like that would be because I'm drawn to anything with the word “pizza” in it, and also because the band seems to be fans of the Stiv Bators solo power pop albums that nobody seems to talk about.

I'm going to withhold from making any crazy statements like that, but I will say that of all the bands that get lumped into the Children of Joey Ramone category, I think Personal and the Pizzas have crafted the best power pop ballad I've heard in quite some time, and we're excited to debut it for you. It's off the “Diet, Crime And Delinquency” single, which is out November 22nd on the Oops Baby label.