Personal Trainer – “Backyard”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Philadelphia garage-rock trio unleashes spirited debut single

Personal Trainer is an alternative trio from Philadelphia comprised of friends and Vassar College alums Molly Buckley (guitar, vocals), Melina Harris (guitar, vocals) and Alix Masters (bass vocals). Today they’ve shared their debut single “Backyard” via House of Feelings Records, and it’s a catchy, searing, expertly-crafted indie garage-rock anthem.

Brimming with hooky guitars and propulsive rhythms, it captures deep feelings of nostalgia for a romantic past: “I guess I’ll wait for you to come and play in my backyard/ But if I wait for you, well then I guess it’s all my fault,” Harris croons longingly. Musically, the track unfurls at a simmering pace – consumed with pangs of regret – before erupting into a chorus full of empowerment: “Making the rules as I go/ I’m the star of my own freak show!” It’s a spirited swirl of modern indie and jangly ’90s lo-fi garage. Think Pavement meets Alanis.

Overall, it’s a stunning debut track, and we will absolutely be keeping tabs on Personal Trainer going forward. Give “Backyard” a spin below.