Plastic Flowers, “Ghosts (feat. Keep Shelly In Athens)”

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plastic flowers

Greece's Plastic Flowers will be releasing their upcoming sophomore full-length in November, a followup to this year's Aftermath EP, and its first single has a very special guest indeed. As if to shoutout the very name of the track's feature, both Keep Shelly In Athens and Plastic Flowers are working at keeping things local, and do so to great effect. With lush melodies and ghostwavey guitar tones, the collaboration shows an Interpol-like side to the band that is only enhanced by Sarah's breathy overdubs. The track, thoughtfully titled “Ghosts", is enigmatic and spacious and feels like Plastic Flowers were best intended to have a female vocalist.

Evergreen will release on November 18 through Crash Symbols/Tip Top Recordings.