Postcard Boy – ‘Limbo’ EP

Post Author: Aidan Grant

San Diego artist offers unique blend of indie and electronica

Postcard Boy is the moniker of San Diego-based producer, songwriter and visual artist Garret Seamans. Starting out his career as a filmmaker and photographer under the pseudonym Phlym, Seaman’s talent soon booked him opportunities shooting for well known brands such as Brixton and Volcom. He also worked with musical artists such as LANY and Emma Chamberlain. 

While the young artist has many strings to his creative bow, it’s his songwriter-producer guise we’re most interested in. As Postcard Boy, he’s become prolific in his output of dreamy, electronic-tinged indie pop.

On his sophomore EP Limbo, Seamans looks to convey his feelings in the transition between high school and college when the project was written. The record is laced with intricate drum patterns and a sheen of hazy electronica. Starting out with the acoustic, dreamy sounds of “Dazed” the project carries an upbeat yet melancholic vibe throughout. The title track “Limbo,” for instance, highlights its electronic production style alongside rough, fuzzy guitar layers. 

Limbo was written in the summer between high school and college, this project stems from the anticipation, longing, and confusion generated during transitional phases,” Seamans shared. “I was just trying to make sense of it all and talk myself through that time. Writing and making this music was a very therapeutic process in a way. Now I’m realizing there are so many limbo periods throughout life where these sorts of feelings reoccur.”

You can stream the EP below.