Hheaven’s “Kabbalist Heist” is The Ultimate Light-Hearted Summertime Song

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Kabbalist Heist

If you’re a fan of Hollow Sunshine, Other Houses, or .paperman, you might be a fan of Hheaven. Let me re-phrase that, because it might not be all that clear to you. Morgan Enos of Hollow Sunshine and his project Other Houses has teamed up with Bryant Keith Bayhan of .paperman to bring us their newest work in progress, Hheaven. I refer to it as “work in progress” because the band that has been formed is a work of art, creating incredible music in a progressive fashion.

The entirety of Hheaven’s upcoming EP A Single Rose was written in the summer months, masterfully woven into the upbeat seven song release that has been packaged neatly with a gorgeous multi-colored casing. Each song brings with it a new vibe with original sounds and–while vastly different in their own ways–the songs somehow complement each other to aid in creating what could be this summer’s most sought after work.

Join us now as we premiere the first single off A Single Rose, “Kabbalist Heist.” The song is a little bit of Ben Folds meets a slight touch of Relient K alongside all three of Morgan and Bryant’s aforementioned music projects. It feels slightly disco with a little bit of throwback 2000s simplicity tied into it as well. In other words, it’s pretty much the ultimate light-hearted summertime song. (And trust me, you can dance to it.)


“‘Kabbalist Heist” came out, words and music, in about 5 minutes,” admitted Morgan. “It’s also the very first song I wrote for Hheaven, alone on my tacky keyboard. I had just finished my Other Houses album “Bad Reputation”, and was on this songwriting roll where I wanted to spit at linearity and tidiness, only craving free-association. I don’t really feel this way anymore, but this song features Hell and skeletons and Tangerine Dream. The programming and production are pure Bryant, and his wonderful bass part ties it all together.”

A Single Rose is available June 10.