PREMIERE: Sick Day – “Blindfold”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Chicago musician conjures new grunge-pop earworm

At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to make it in this big, dumb, beautiful (mostly) world of ours. Whether you’re stuck in traffic with someone attempting a merge from two lanes away, inhaling someone’s coffee breath at an impossible angle on the subway or coddling an awful boomer through some service interaction, sometimes you need a walk with headphones blaring to shake off, well, life.

Enter Olivia Wallace, who records under the moniker Sick Day out in the Windy City, and offers you that particular piece of musical catharsis with each new grunge-pop earworm. Their latest single, “Blindfold,” is no different with crunchy, searing guitars and a knock-out chorus that’ll puff you up whenever you might be feeling small.

Hannah Antman, who directed the video details: “I’m not important, kinda sordid, a speck of dust on the ground.’ The opening sentiment of ‘Blindfold’ is funny, but also painfully relatable – especially in big cities, it’s easy to feel minuscule and disposable as we go about our day.”

“Shooting the ‘Blindfold’ music video was a great day running around the alleyways of Chicago with folks from all over the Sick Day cinematic universe. In the video, this sense of smallness creates a blithe anonymity. Tiny objects on the sidewalk transform Olivia into different bodily forms, creating a sense of oneness as each new iteration pounds the pavement to the pulsating beat of the city.”

Watch Sick Day’s “Blindfold” below and look for the Overexposure EP out March 14th via Substitute Scene Records.

Top photo by: Tracey Conoboy