Prism House, “My Love” (Dalot In Crisis remix)

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The audio/visual duo Prism House of Brian Wenner and Matt O'Hare get their track “My Love” placed under the microscope by rising London electro artist Dalot who premieres her own version with,”My Love (Dalot In Crisis Remix)”. Getting a closer listen to the song's gathering of sound and visual findings, Maria Dalot zooms in on the song's more classical underpinnings like the faint sounds of a music room as if heard through an industrial network of air duct tunnels. Originally found on Prism House's recent Reflections EP, the already experimental track is surveyed in a whole new manner that rearranges and redefines the sum of the pre-existing sounds. Dalot scrutinizes all captured voices and sparse recorded instrumentation for an extended listen to the song's new dramatic energy and prolonged urgencies.

For 2 minutes and 40 seconds the tension drifts like fanned air moving in a state of pensive suspension. Making the most with the song's array of components, Dalot even retains the original's bassline progression in a hushed, soft, background breeze. In Maria's examination of the eclectic array of guitar stems, she readies an army of stringed, builds that course through the first phase of the “In Crisis Remix”. Cloaking and encasing these elements within the minor key drone sustain, the shadow ambiance is the vehicle that marries the new composites and guides the listener through the song's reassembled movements.

Careful listens to the original will find all these understated moods among the field recordings and dance drum sequencing. The high-pitched, sped up sampled dance utterance of “my love” gets slowed down as the minor key ambiance gets mixed in. Surfacing amid the remix comes the white noise distortions that could either be coaxial connected television static or the steady fall of water streaming off a ledge. And then before the 5 minute mark, Dalot cues the rolling rhythm thump that is immersed in the vague semblance of vocals paired with her borrowing of the song's distinguishable electric guitar sample. And after making use of almost all of Prism House's initial offerings, Maria concludes the crisis with an ending best suited to dovetail with the original's opening in order for everything to begin again.

Prism House's Reflections EP is available now from Ceremony Recordings.

Hear more from Dalot via her Soundcloud.