Psymun, “Heartsick”

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When you’re feeling heartsick, the beating of your heart seems to take command over your entire soundscape. Minneapolis chill-wave producer Psymun must know the feeling all too well as his newest EP, entitled Heartsick, captures the emotion as a warm and heavy kick drum that momentarily drowns out the rest of the passionate instrumentals with each hit. The 8-track album moves quickly with no track going beyond the 3-minute mark and minimalistic song arrangements keeping the producer’s fifth EP far less turbulent than the gut-filled album cover. Tracks like “Fuck Bush” feature harps over smooth vocal hums, gliding bass and twangy guitar samples. In the vein of all the Warp Records innovators, we see huge FM synthesizers combining with a strong jazz influence to create something new and futuristic. The highlight of the album features rapper Chester Watson on “Dead Albatross,” as his low grainy voice is magnanimously complemented by Psymun’s style of warm and soulful hip-hop. The EP is a preview of what is to come in his upcoming full-length with K.Raydio due out in November.

The self-released Heartsick is out now and can be streamed below.