Puce Mary, “Night Is A Trap II”

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The inevitability of the coming night is a waking nightmare for some, whether dreading the restless solitude of a dark room, irrational fears of falling asleep and not waking, waking to sleep paralysis, or simply the general betrayal of night bringing anything but rest and reprieve from the diurnal tribulations of daylight. Such anxieties may be pulled from Puce Mary’s track, “Night Is A Trap II”, off their forthcoming LP, The Spiral, out March 25 on Posh Isolation. A fogged, irksome aura of darkness consumes the setting, coming in through tremendous, ripping feedback, and quickly accompanied by punishing percussion. The clash of the steady beat is sort of a death march into night, a blindfolded walk into harrowing nothingness. Federikke Hoffmeier’s garbled, effected-bordering-on-unintelligible vocals permeate through the clouds of noise, a hellish dog barking night terrors in almost sync with the relentless and horrific poundings, as if to shout, “Don’t go!” It’s as unnerving as it gets for industrial music, but it’s still sufferable, our morbid curiosity at work to see how much we can take.