PWR BTTM, “Dairy Queen”

Mike Sosnick

PWR BTTM, "Dairy Queen"

The shower is a magical place. Some mornings, I get my best thinking done there. Other times, it’s a respite from the real world, my own personal beach resort, or a watery karaoke box. More often than not, it’s the highlight of my day. If their new single, “Dairy Queen”, is to be believed, PWR BTTM clearly feel the same way about the simple pleasure that some people see as just a means to get clean.

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Over a playful, danceable beat, PWR BTTM chronicle the daily grind of shower dreamers everywhere, wanting desperately to “go to Disneyland and fuck shit up” but being unwilling and unable to leave their shampoo sanctuary. Will Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce “both get so famous that [they] both get shot?” I certainly hope not, but anything and everything is real in the bathroom’s fun house. Our wildest visions of the future might be stifled by a job or an 8:30 lab science class (as Bruce tells The Line Of Best Fit), but continuing to dream is a close second when doing so has a soundtrack as fun as “Dairy Queen”.

“Dairy Queen” will be on PWR BTTM’s upcoming album, Ugly Cherries. Listen to the title track here. Ugly Cherries is out September 18 on Father/Daughter Records and Miscreant Records.

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