Radamiz, “Won’t I”

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After releasing his long-awaited Writeous project earlier this year, Brooklyn spitter Radamiz has been doing shows and no doubt keeping his pen sharp. He recently released “Won’t I,” a collaboration with Chicago’s 119 productions that shows just that. Produced by OnGaud, the track’s minimalist organ play is a perfect stage for Radamiz to get eight months of pent up rhymes off.

He gives the delicate beat no courtesy delivery-wise, rhyming in a rapid fire flow with bludgeoning multis abound. On “Won’t I,” he rhymes about how much he’s done this year—and still has left to do with his Mogul Club comrades. “You see the Pharoah in my afro,” he rhymes, before touching on the spiritual, finding artistic motivation through his family, and giving a sarcastic nod to the haters, “used to trying to make up a rhyme about what car you in.” At this point, asking the gifted, ever-positive Radamiz “will he?” is a rhetorical question.

The song is part of 119’s upcoming Countdown 2 Midnight, a collaboration mixtape between Brooklyn and Chicago scenes dually ascending. You can listen to “Won’t I” below.