Raleigh Moncrief, “On Feedback”

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Raleigh Moncrief

The first 20 seconds of “On Feedback” sound as though Raleigh Moncrief and Anticon are out to pull a fast one with an EP of gathered b-sides and cutting room floor scraps from Moncrief's debut Watered Lawn. Old tricks from “The Air” on the vocals and the metronomic sampling of “Lament For Morning” led to clues of skepticism. But with a little patience, Moncrief transforms “On Feedback” from one luminous explosion in a little universe that expands with every burst of synthetic snare and synth. It's an effect that makes a rewind necessary in order to recall how you even got here. It also makes you feel guilty for accussing Moncrief and the good people of Anticon of shamming us, even though it was a brief moment.

Raleigh Moncrief's Dusted EP is out March 19 on Anticon.