Rapper Cambatta offers a “Tupac Murder Confession”

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Just passing 20 years to the date, the world is still rightfully abuzz about just who killed Tupac Shakur and why. You may have seen the documentaries that pretended their theory was gospel, or read articles insinuating this or that person, but you’ve never seen someone “admit” to it. That’s just what Connecticut based MC Cambatta did on his latest track, “Tupac Murder Confession.”

Over a haunting beat crafted by producer V Dot, Cambatta takes the persona of who appears to be a for-hire hitman. After picking up a call from an unnamed person, he goes into elaborate detail of planning out the murder from the outset of the summer and waiting until his perfect opportunity at that fateful Tyson fight.

Cambatta stokes the flames of conspiracy with the end of his track, as he admits to “being” the same person that pricked Eazy E with a “diseased” needle. He also calls out the cosmic symbolism in Tupac’s death:

He was 25 that’s 7
Died at 4:03 thats 7
I shot him on the 7th, three numbers everybody out in Vegas wanted
It’s like someone in heaven trying to send a warning
2Pac reversed is caput or destroyed
Shakur flipped around spells rukahs/ruckus which is noise
Noise when destroyed is eternal silence
Deaf and death sound like the same word recited”

Ultimately, he feels guilt behind his “murder” of “the cub of a Panther,” and he also admits to the “murder” of the Notorious B.I.G.

At 40+ years old, Hip-Hop has a constantly expanding history that’s ripe for artistic exploration such as Cambatta’s. Even the most ardent Tupac fans may find themselves appreciating the ingenuity and, ahem, execution, of this macabre nod to Tupac’s legacy.